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With environmental issues at the forefront of people’s minds, Earthwise International is pleased to provide a wide selection of recyclable paper packaging options that uphold the values of sustainability, creativity, and usefulness.

Our packaging solutions, made from responsibly sourced paper, are made to reduce environmental impact without sacrificing usefulness or quality. Every product, from elegant bags and wrappers to robust boxes and containers, is thoughtfully designed to satisfy the various demands of modern consumers while upholding the strictest sustainability guidelines.

Our recyclable paper packaging is unique because it can be used for various purposes. Our products are made to fit your unique needs, whether you’re a food service provider searching for sturdy takeout containers or a retail company needing visually appealing packaging options. Furthermore, you can personalize your packaging with our customizable options, giving your customers an unforgettable and distinctive brand experience.

We steadfastly commit to sustainability as we look to the future. We keep developing new ideas and investigating ways to reduce our environmental impact while offering consumers and businesses alike chic and practical packaging solutions. Come with us as we travel toward a more sustainable and greener future. Let’s work together to change the world one package at a time.

White/Brown Square Bottom Paper Bags

White/Brown Paper Bags - Twisted Handle

White/Brown Paper Bags - Flat Handle

White/Brown Paper Bags - Die-Cut Handle

White/Brown - Printed Pizza Box

Kraft Flute Trays - 3 ply

Coated Kraft Sandwich Wedge

Kraft Flute Box - 3 ply

Kraft Pe Take Away Box

Kraft Square Box

Boat Trays

Kraft Lunch Box - With/Without Window

Paper Cups

Ice Cream Cups

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