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Our Core values

Earthwise International are integrity, innovation, quality, and sustainability. These principles inspire us to provide eco-friendly tableware and packaging options. Moving closer to a greener future, we innovate constantly while maintaining openness and confidence in our interactions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a society where eco-friendly living is commonplace, and every purchase benefits the environment’s health. Our mission is to encourage people and companies to adopt environmentally responsible decisions and use their everyday actions to improve the environment.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to set the standard for environmentally friendly tableware and packaging options that maximize customer satisfaction while reducing environmental impact. We are committed to using innovation and sustainability to our full potential to produce goods that improve the planet’s health and everyone’s future.

Our Products

Brown Paper Bags - Die-Cut Handle

Paper Bags

Bagasse Plate export.

Bagasse Plate

Pizza Box

Bagasse Take Away Boxes.

Take Away Box

Big Kraft Square Box,

Kraft Square Box

White Boat Trays.

Boat Trays

Kraft Lunch Box - With Window.

Kraft Lunch Box

White Paper Bags - Flat Handle.

Paper Bags

About Us

With its headquarters located in the vibrant city of Bangalore, Earthwise International is a leader in sustainability and innovation regarding packaging and tableware. Our founding was motivated by a shared vision to upend the status quo, go beyond customary methods, and pave the way for a more peaceful coexistence of humans and the environment. Based on the philosophy of fusing cutting-edge technology with ageless principles, we sought knowledge, looking to nature for inspiration and using its innate wisdom to direct our actions.

Our mission is centred around the idea of environmental responsibility. We are committed to contributing to the shift towards a more sustainable future because we understand how urgent it is to address the severe issues of pollution, resource depletion, and climate change. We work to reduce our ecological footprint and leave a positive legacy for future generations by emphasizing renewable resources, minimizing waste throughout our production process, and encouraging responsible consumption.

Our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility remains strong as we look to the future. We are continuously investigating new technologies, stretching the bounds of what is conceivable, and looking for fresh chances to improve the world in which we live. Come along with us as we travel toward a more promising and sustainable future, where our unwavering commitment to leaving the world in a better state than when we found it will guide every decision we make. Welcome to Earthwise International, a place where sustainability and innovation coexist and where we can all work together to transform the world.

Why Opt for Us?

Superior Quality

We set the highest standards for quality in all areas, making sure that our goods are long-lasting, useful, and pleasing to the eye.

Global Reach

Our global network of distributors and partners makes it simple to get our environmentally friendly products wherever you are.


We offer customized solutions to both people and corporations. We can provide you with customized tableware or custom packing.

Health Focus

Our environmentally friendly goods, which are free of dangerous chemicals and contaminants, support a better way of living.

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A Earthwise International experience that's just right

You can experience the benefits of Earthwise International

Quality Assurance

At Earthwise International, quality is our promise. Our eco-friendly tableware, crafted from materials like Arecanut leaves and sugarcane bagasse, exemplifies excellence. Each product, whether it’s a box or coffee cup, undergoes careful craftsmanship. Partnering with top manufacturers in India ensures high standards. Earthwise guarantees reliability and consistency in every purchase. Our commitment to quality transcends borders, connecting global buyers with sustainable living. Choose Earthwise for quality that makes a positive impact on the environment and exceeds expectations. Join us on our journey of providing top-tier eco-friendly solutions to customers worldwide.

Global Presence

We Export all over the world

Wholesale Pricing

Quality with Best pricing

Customer Support

Contact us at +91 8892784610

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Earthwise International: Redefining Sustainable Solutions

We Export Worldwide Arecanut leaves, sugarcane bagasse,
and recyclable paper

If you’re interested in buying Arecanut leaves, sugarcane bagasse, and recyclable paper of high quality at affordable prices. Contact us & talk to our expert team.

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